Research Sessions

Research Session 1 (90 minutes = 30 + 30 + 15 + 15)
Human Mobility and Behavior Analytics

  • Igo Brilhante, Franco Maria Nardini, Raffaele Perego, Chiara Renso and Jose Macedo. Group Finder: an Item-driven Group Formation Framework
  • Jay Ghurye, Gautier Krings and Vanessa Frias-Martinez. A Framework to Model Human Behavior at Large Scale during Natural Disasters
  • Gurulingesh Raravi, Anirban Mondal, Rajasubramaniam Thangaraj and Atul Singh. MobiHerd: Towards enabling cost-effective and scalable mobile group buying
  • Weijian Sun, Dandan Miao, Xiaowei Qin and Guo Wei. Characterizing User Mobility from the View of 4G Cellular Network

Research Session 2 (90 minutes = 30 + 30 + 15 + 15)
Query Processing and Information Search / Retrieval

  • Jesse Weaver, Qi Han and Archan Misra. Building the Case for Cloud-Based Location Query Processing
  • Xiaopeng Fan. Web Access Patterns Enhancing Data Access Performance of Cooperative Caching in IMANETs
  • Kiran Kumar Puram and Sanjay Madria. Top-K with Diversity-M Data Retrieval in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Qing Guo and Ouri Wolfson. Spatio-Temporal Resource Search with Uncertain Data

Research Session 3 (90 minutes = 30 + 30 + 30)
Smart City and Urban Applications

  • Xiaoyu Ge, Panos K. Chrysanthis and Konstantinos Pelechrinis. MPG: Not so Random Exploration of a City
  • Senzhang Wang, Lifang He, Leon Stenneth, Philip Yu and Zhoujun Li. Estimating Urban Traffic Congestions with Multi-Sourced Data
  • Jim Cherian, Jun Luo, Shen-Shyang Ho, Hongliang Guo and Richard Wisbrun. ParkGauge: Gauging the Occupancy of Parking Garages with Crowdsensed Parking Characteristics

Research Session 4 (90 minutes = 30 + 30 + 30)
Mining and Prediction for Streams and Moving Objects

  • Tanvir Ahmed, Torben Bach Pedersen, Toon Calders and Hua Lu. Online Risk Prediction for Indoor Moving Objects
  • Ticiana Coelho Da Silva, Karine Zeitouni and Jose Macedo. Online Clustering of Trajectory Data Stream
  • Faisal Moeen Orakzai, Toon Calders and Torben Bach Pedersen. Distributed Convoy Pattern Mining

Research Session 5 (90 Minutes = 30 + 30 + 15 + 15)
Privacy and Security

  • Mihai Maruseac and Gabriel Ghinita. Differentially-Private Mining of Representative Travel Patterns
  • Zohaib Riaz, Frank Dürr and Kurt Rothermel. On the Privacy of Frequently Visited User Locations
  • Christoph Stach and Bernhard Mitschang. The Secure Data Container: An Approach to Harmonize Data Sharing with Information Security
  • Iouliana Litou, Vana Kalogeraki, Ioannis Katakis and Dimitrios Gunopulos. Real-Time and Cost-Effective Limitation of Misinformation Propagation

Research Session 6 (90 minutes = 30 + 15 + 15 + 15 + 15)
Ride Sharing, Road Networks and Routes

  • Jane Lin, Shuo Ma, Sandeep Sasidharan and Ouri Wolfson. A Model of Multimodal Ridesharing and its Analysis
  • Jiawei Zhang, Xiao Pan, Moyin Li and Philip S. Yu. Bicycle-Sharing System Analysis and Trip Prediction
  • Mirla Rafaela Rafael Braga Chucre, Samara Martins Nascimento, José Antonio Fernandes Macêdo, José Maria Da Silva Monteiro Filho and Marco Antonio Casanova. Taxi, Please ! A Nearest Neighbor Query in Time-Dependent Road Networks
  • San Yeung, Evan Miller and Sanjay Madria. A Flexible Real-Time Ridesharing System Considering Current Road Conditions
  • Eric Hsueh-Chan Lu, Ya-Wen Yang and Zeal Li-Tse Su. PRI-Navigator: An Efficient Approach for Logistic Route Planning with Pick-up and Delivery

Research Session 7 (90 minutes = 30 + 15 + 15 + 15 + 15)
Systems and Platforms

  • Jonas Michel and Christine Julien. From Human Mobility to Data Mobility: Leveraging Spatiotemporal History in Device-to-Device Information Diffusion
  • Muhammad Habib Ur Rehman, Chee Sun Liew, Ying Wah Teh, Ahsan Iqbal and Prem Prakash Jayaraman. Opportunistic Computation Offloading of Data Stream Mining Tasks in Mobile Edge Cloud Computing Environments
  • Henrik Surm, Nick Rüssmeier, Marco Grawunder, Daniela Nicklas and Oliver Zielinski. Experiences with Sensor-Based Research for Critical, Socio-Technical Systems
  • Cristian Chilipirea, Andreea-Cristina Petre, Ciprian Dobre and Maarten van Steen. Presumably simple: monitoring crowds using WiFi
  • Gang Gu and Jiangqin Wu. A Mobile Chinese Character Image Recognition Platform

Research Session 8 (120 Minutes = 30 + 30 + 30 + 30)
Indexing and Querying: Road Networks, Moving Objects, and Trajectories

  • Elham Ahmadi and Mario Nascimento. k-Closest Pairs Queries in Road Networks
  • Theodoros Chondrogiannis and Johann Gamper. ParDiSP: A Partition-based Framework for Distance and Shortest Path Queries on Road Networks
  • Xiaofeng Xu, Li Xiong and Vaidy Sunderam. D-Grid: An In-Memory Dual Space Grid Index for Moving Object Databases
  • Hamza Issa and Maria Luisa Damiani. Efficient access to temporally overlaying spatial and textual trajectories

Research Session 9 (90 minutes = 30 + 30 + 15)
Social Media and Social Networks

  • Muhammad Aamir Saleem, Xike Xie and Torben Bach Pedersen. Scalable Processing of Location-based Social Networking Queries
  • Fengjiao Wang, Shuyang Lin and Philip Yu. Collaborative co-clustering across multiple social media
  • Wen-Yuan Zhu, Yu-Wen Wang, Chin-Jie Chen, Wen-Chih Peng and Po-Ruey Lei. A Bayesian-based Approach for Activity and Mobility Inference in Location-based Social Networks