Themes in Temporal and Spatio-Temporal Data Management and Analytics —A Personal Retrospective vr

- Christian S. Jensen, Aalborg University

PARIS (CEST) Brisbane (GMT+10) Beijing (GMT+8) New York (EDT) Seattle (PDT)
18:25 - 19:15 2:25(+1)-3:15(+1) 0:25(+1)-1:15(+1) 12:25 - 13:15 9:25 - 10:15

Session chair: Karine Zeitouni


In this talk, I look back at and examine, at a high level of abstraction, my research stream from when I started as a Ph.D. student more than 30 years ago and up until today. In a world focused on administrative data management and desktop computing, I started out working on temporal databases, considering aspects such as query language design, indexing, and query processing. Then, some two decades ago, we saw the first signs of the mobile revolution. At that time, I gradually transitioned into working mostly on spatio-temporal databases, covering again indexing and query processing, as well as a range of other topics such as privacy. About a decade ago, geo-social services were taking off, and geo-tagged text content was beginning to proliferate. That prompted work on spatio-textual indexing and query processing, with focus on various kinds of spatial keyword querying. More recently, we have witnessed an increased digitalization of key societal processes, including transportation in a smart city setting. With this as the backdrop, I started some five years ago to work on foundations for applications of vehicle trajectory data, most prominently in relation to vehicle routing. In the talk, I will cover some of the key topics I have worked on by means of examples; I will explain why I worked on those topics; I will examine the impact of the research; and I will present general observations. It is my hope that the talk will cause the participants to reflect on their research streams and that this will help guide their future research.


Christian S. Jensen is Professor of Computer Science at Aalborg University, Denmark. His research concerns analytics, data management, and data-intensive systems, and its focus is on temporal and spatio-temporal analytics, including machine learning, data mining, and query processing. Christian is an ACM and IEEE Fellow, and he is a member of Academia Europaea, the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, and the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. He has received several national and international awards for his research, most recently the 2019 IEEE TCDE Impact Award. He serves on the board of Villum Fonden, a major funder of technical and natural science research in Denmark; he is President of the steering committee of the Swiss National Research Program on Big Data; and in Germany, he serves on the scientific advisory board the Max Planck Institute for Informatics. He is Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Database Systems.