Ph.D forum

1. Time & Place

- Time : May 29th, 15:30:-17:00

- Place : 2nd FL Seminar Room #2452, CS Dept (E3-1), KAIST

2. Presentation instruction

- 15 minutes for each speaker and 10 minutes for questions.

- As part of the Interneational Conference program, the working language of the presentations and Q&A will be English.

The order of presentation is as follows.

(1) Chanyou Hwang, "Perception Based Rendering Optimization for Mobile Games"

(2) Jaeyeon Park, "MediSense:Medical data analysis for high-quality using Sensor network"

(3) Sangeun Oh, "Mobile Platform Design for Sharing Functionalities between Multiple Devices"

(4) Jongin Lee, "Mobile System Design for Managing Itching Conditions"

(5) Hyunsu Moon, "An Integrated Video Watching History Logging System"