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The MDM series of conferences, since its debut in 1999, has established itself as a prestigious forum for the exchange of innovative and significant research results in mobile data management. The conference provides unique opportunities to bring researchers, engineers, and practitioners together to explore new ideas, techniques, and tools, and exchange experiences. The conference this year is hosted by the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department of York University.

Comprising both research and industry tracks, it serves as an important bridge between academic researchers and industry researchers. Along with the presentations of research publications, it also serves as a meeting place for technical demonstrations (demos), workshops, advanced seminars, panel discussions as well as PhD forum and Industrial forum to cater PhD students and industrial developers.

The conference focuses on research contributions in data management in mobile, ubiquitous and pervasive computing.

MDM 2021 Information

News & Updates

Feb 9, 2021: Workshop proposal deadline and notification date extended.
Jan 14, 2021: Demo abstract and paper submission deadline extended.
Jan 14, 2021: Demo paper video submission no longer optional.
Jan 14, 2021: Research abstract and paper submission deadline extended by 2 weeks.
Jan 11, 2021: Call for Workshop Proposals
Jan 11, 2021: Call for Advanced Seminars
Jan 11, 2021: Call for PhD. Forum Submissions
Dec 23 2020: Calls and important dates updated!
Dec 7, 2020: Call for Demo Track Papers
Dec 6, 2020: Call for Industry and Application Track Papers
Dec 6, 2020: Call for Research Track Papers
Dec 1, 2020: Important Dates updated
July 3, 2020: The temporary website for MDM 2021 is launched!


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